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How to Find Us

Saffron Restaurant 909 Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 4RR, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0121 552 1752

Email: oldbury@saffronrestaurantgroup.co.uk

Saffron Restaurant


Award Winning Indian Restaurant Saffron Restaurant is recognised as one of the top Indian Restaurants in the country.

Saffron Quarter


Multi-Cuisine Buffet Saffron Quarter provides a truly unique buffet experience.


Saffron Red

saffron red

Contemporary Dining Saffron Red offers a modern approach to Indian Cuisine.

Saffron Group
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Style Of Food :
Chef Sudha describes his food as the finer side of Indian cuisine; he tries to break the conventional boundaries, opening our eyes and mouths to multicultural cuisine. He uses local and seasonal produce,including exquisite sea foods such as King Scallops, Wild Sea Bass, Red Mullet, Loch Fyne Salmon and John Dory. A few of his favourite signature dishes are Barbarie Duck, Highland venison, Pigeon and Scottish Fillet .( unusual for Indian cuisine).

Chef Sudhas style of cooking is predominantly Indian with little influence from Thai, Cantonese Chinese and Malaysian cuisine all combined with a modern twist and western presentation. At the same time the nutritional value of the food is important to him and his preference is to use quality oils, and traditional spices renowned for their medicinal properties.

“LEICESTER MERCURY” reports “The rare talent of chef Saha is to take Indian dishes and fuse them with influences from all over the world to create masterpieces.”

Chef Sudha believes the secret to any dish is the building blocks – the ingredients themselves, and the time spent sourcing them. Diversity of regions and seasonality of produce enable suppliers to produce a quality product, and the use of quality products in turn means the dish is supported by ingredients themselves.

Career History:
Chef Sudha has an impressive culinary career which is culturally diverse, as a 17 year old in Calcutta Sudha aspired to be a doctor, but soon changed his mind when out of thousands he was given a place to train hotel industry management at Chennai. He joined the Ambassador hotel, trained at Taj hotel and a few years later moved to Dubai to took up his first role as executive chef at the age of 23.

AKLASUL MOMIN - Founder/Director


Momin has used his 12 years of experience working in the industry to create a business built on customer focus and quality. His sheer determination to meet customer expectations and requirements is a reflection of the values held by Saffron.

Limon Rahman - Founder/Director


Limon RahmanJoint founder of Saffron, Limon has been actively involved in creating a brand that is recognised in Birmingham and the Black Country. With innovative marketing strategies and huge ambition, Limon is focused on ensuring that Saffron remains one of the favourite restaurant in the area